Newcomer Welcome Centre

Information and Assessment Services for Immigrants and Refugees

About Us

iStock_000000963920XSmall.jpgThe RODS Newcomer Welcome Centre is a one-stop / first-stop, collaborative service centre to welcome newcomers (immigrants and refugees) to Regina, SK. The centre helps guide and support newcomers to an easy integration to the community, by accessing information, available resources and services, easily and quickly, FREE of charge.

Newcomers to Regina, SK include immigrants and refugees who came to Regina from outside Canada or from another Canadian province. They can be permanent or temporary residents or new Canadian citizens.

The RODS Newcomer Welcome Centre is well equipped with a knowledgeable team of Settlement Information Advisors, a variety of printed and online information, and a good referral network. Newcomers visiting the centre not only access information to a wide-variety of topics from housing, to employment, to education, culture and recreation; but also have access to all three school boards. All needs assessments, school assessments and language assessments can be done at the centre. The centre serves walk-in, call-in and e-mail clients; and consider each request as urgent.

The Newcomer Welcome Centre hosts the “Regional Newcomer Gateway” providing information, referral and Settlement Advisor services to communities within a 150 km radius of Regina (View Communities Served). If you are within the Regina Regional Newcomer Gateway service region, but are unable to visit the Newcomer Welcome Centre in person, please call or email and let us know your needs. If needed, a Settlement Advisor can travel to your community to provide assistance. The NWC is one of 11 Regional Newcomer Gateways located across Saskatchewan. If you are not sure about which Gateway serves your region, please give us a call or email and we will let you know how to contact the Gateway nearest you.

The RODS Newcomer Welcome Centre is a partnership between Regina Open Door Society, Regina Catholic Schools, Regina Public Schools and the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises.  The Centre is made possible by funding from the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy .

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