Newcomer Welcome Centre

Information and Assessment Services for Immigrants and Refugees



What is the criteria for a Newcomer?
Any immigrant or refugee moving to Regina from outside Canada or from another Canadian province is a newcomer to Regina.

How can I access the RODS Newcomer Welcome Centre?
RODS NWC is located on the 1st floor, 2332-11th Ave, Regina, SK.
Phone: 306-352-5775
Fax: 306-352-5011
You can walk-in, call-in, or email-in, we will get back to you as quick as we can.

What is the eligibility requirement to access RODS NWC services?
Any immigrant or refugee newcomer to Regina, either temporary residents, permanent residents or new Canadian citizens can access RODS NWC services.

How can RODS NWC help me?
RODS NWC can help you access information in the community and in the government services, can refer you to the right service or program, can refer you to a settlement advisor, can book you an appointment for various assessments (language assessment, school assessment and needs assessment).

Can RODS NWC teach me English language?
RODS NWC will help you obtain an assessment for your English language level, and based on the assessment score and your immigration status, will refer you either to a federal or provincial language program. Both federal and provincial English language programs are FREE of charge.

Can RODS NWC help me get a job?
RODS NWC will give you information on how to search for a job, and refer you to Career and Employment Services (CES) for more help. We also refer to RODS Employment Services for employment related training and services.

Can RODS NWC assist me financially?
RODS NWC will not provide financial support to you, but will assist you with all the information you need to access services and programs that could provide financial support.

Does RODS NWC help newcomers who live outside Regina?
RODS NWC helps newcomers in Regina and in the communities surrounding Regina up to 150km. You will find on RODS NWC website details of communities served, or call the Centre and a Settlement Information Advisor will help you find the nearest Newcomers Gateway. (View Communities Served)

What would be the cost for RODS NWC services?
All the services provided by RODS NWC are free of charge. The generous support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advance Education, Employment and Immigration, together with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada makes it possible.

Will you help me if I don’t speak English?
RODS NWC provides its services to newcomers who do not speak English. An over the phone translation is available in 170 languages, 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.

How long will it take me to get help from the RODS NWC? Do I need to book an appointment?
RODS NWC considers every newcomer request as urgent. Settlement Information Advisors will help you as soon as you work-in, call-in or email-in the Centre. No appointment is needed to access our services.