Newcomer Welcome Centre

Information and Assessment Services for Immigrants and Refugees

First Things to Do in Regina

When you arrive:

Here are some important first things you may want to consider as you arrive in Regina.

Existing documents – Make sure you have some important documents, in case you need them as you get settled:

- Passport, visa and related immigration documents

- Health information, such as medical conditions and history

- Document related to education, professional certifications and work skills

- A detailed employment profile if you are seeking employment

- Translated school documents for children (transcripts for Grade 10 of higher)

New documents – Acquire these documents as soon as possible:

- Health card - Required for most health services – you must apply online at:

eHealth Saskatchewan Phone: 306-787-3251 

2130 11th Avenue, 3rd Floor Regina, SK S4P 0J5

-Driver’s licence – Required to operate a vehicle; also used for personal identification; contact SGI, the provincial government body responsible for driver licensing:

SGI   Phone: 1-844-855-2744

2260 – 11th Avenue Regina, SK S4P 0J9

-Social insurance number – Required by the Canadian government:  

Service Canada Phone:  1-866-274-6627

1783 Hamilton St, Regina, SK S4P 2B6